Guiding You Through the Struggles

All parents have moments of struggle, where the appropriate response or guidance for the child is unclear. We have this idea that we should know what to do, or how we should support our child. Many factors should be considered in parenting; the age and developmental history of the child, the temperament, strengths and challenges of both the parent and the child, the environment, and any pertinent family history.

Making Sense of Child Development and Behavior

Both Ericka and Michele are educated in and have experience with child development and behavior. A child’s behavior always has meaning and purpose for the child which may or may not be obvious or make sense to the adults in their environment. We utilize strategies to amend undesirable behaviors by joining with parents in helping them to create more trusting and connected relationships with their children. We help to change perception, expectation, and offer understanding and compassion. Utilizing the Talaris Institute Strategies and the Neuro-sequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), along with all other relevant theories and constructs, we consider all of the factors in your situation and give you tools to build and improve your relationship with your child and help them to manage their needs and desires more effectively.